Friday, April 22, 2011

Dark Eyes by Cam Neufeld

Wow, Cam and the band do a great job. This is a fun video with music to move to.  Throughout the years I've know Cam he had grown and developed as a musician.  His travels to Turkey and Asia did good things for his music.

Check this out and enjoy more good music:

Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

animation by Julian Grey.

"Drifted out of a love poem you used to know by heart".  I so enjoy hearing a poet read their work.

I trust I'll never forget how to swim or ride a bike.  I do forget authors names and book titles.

another teabowl video

I really like how Dirtkicker makes a very controlled form then loosens up by cutting the rim to undulate it and then carries on having fun decorating.

Some of the tools such as the cutting wire with green handles and the stick with balls on the ends are from 

I think teabowls are a form that I will need to make 1000 of before I am competent.  So grateful that I'm a potter and can send myself on this quest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Matcha Chawan Teabowl, Trimming etc. by Cory Lum

This will be a good exercise for me to loosen up my throwing and trimming just in time for a salt fire workshop.