Saturday, June 28, 2008

On a Lark

Last summer I submitted slides for Lark Books's 500 Plates and Chargers and Pile of Autumn Leaves was accepted.

These plates were made by draping slabs of stoneware clay over light fixtures which were used as molds. A little cornstarch helped release the clay from the glass. After bisque firing the plates where dipped in a high iron glaze. The leaf design was applied using liquid wax resist. When the wax was dry the plates were dipped into a rutile glaze and fired to cone 5 (1185 degrees Celsius) with a slow cool down.

It took an experienced art photographer quite a while to set up the shot of the pile in "Pile of Autumn Leaves". The bottom platter is about 20 inches long. I've included an image the single plate although it is not in the book. I was so pleased with the crystalization (love that rutile) on the edge of the single plate. For you potters, this is what can happen with a slow cool.

Here's a excerpt from Lark Book's website: 500 Plates & Chargers
Innovative Expressions of Function & Style:

"Plates and chargers can serve as more than just places to put your food: they can be glorious art to show off on a table, sideboard, or hutch. These 500 spectacular pieces chosen by esteemed juror Linda Arbuckle from the utilitarian yet beautifully glazed plate to dramatically decorated work, and they’re crafted from a remarkable variety of materials—including pristine porcelain and bold earthenware."

Lark Books publishes wonderful books. Check out their website for titles and how to submit. Lots of beauty, creativity and fun in a wide variety of media. 500 Plates and Chargers is in stores now or ask your independent bookseller or library to order it.

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Vicky White said...

Congratulations on your new blog Teresa - now, are you selling your labyrinths?

I love seeing your work - glad you're posting it here for us.

hugs, Vicky