Friday, May 22, 2009

Folded Pots -- soft slab construction

I first stared making "folded pots" after seeing a Lana Wilson video. Check out her work if you aren't familiar with it. She and her work are delightful.

Years later I thought I might be "copying" but on viewing the video again I was pleased to realize that Lana influenced me and that I had made this technique my own, with variations on her method, etc.

The lichen glaze is one from Lana and is mostly lithium with a bit of chrome. It is brownish /purple where thick and can be lime green where thick -- see a touch of green on the handle on the right. Her glaze book is available for purchase...go to above link.


This workshop is offered at your facility or my studio.

- half day or full day workshop === full day is better
- no previous clay experience required

“Folded pots” are fun and exciting to make. You will create a unique vessel using a simple technique. Soft slab construction will be used to handbuild the pot. Mugs, pitchers and baskets are some of the vessels you can make using this method. Texture, along with additions such as handles and feet will be explored. Surface treatments will be discussed. You will learn some new tricks and tips. A handout with glaze and engobe recipes, etc. will be provided. Interested? Contact me at

The purple and green pot has green terra sigillata made from ball clay and green stain. It was refired with
a purple patina. Patina is equal parts frit 3134 and
epk with added stains. The texture was imprinted from a 25 cent garage sale tablecloth.

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