Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winterfestival Juried Art Show, Mann Gallery, Prince Albert

Each February the Mann Art Gallery, formerly the Art Gallery of Prince Albert, gives local and regional artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in an exhibition during Winter Festival.  All the work is shown; the juried pieces are exhibited in the main gallery and the rest are displayed in the Fringe and Studio Galleries. The juried art is up until March 27.

The juror this year was Sandra Fraser,  Associate Curator, Extension Coordinator at the Mendel Art Gallery

Since the mid '90s when I was an Applied Art, Ceramics student at Woodland Campus I've entered work in the exhibition.  Bonnie Bailey was also in the program.  She started before me and was warm and welcoming.  I was thrilled when she was awarded the ceramics prize for the second year in a row.  Here she is with her winning pit fired piece. While I no longer live in Prince Albert I enjoy taking part and reconnecting with the vibrant arts community there. 

Mel Bolen received second prize for his beautiful salt fired vessel. Mel is also known for his decorative gas fired ceramics. Some day I will acquire one of his art pieces, but for now, I'll have to be content with the mug and plate in my "collection".

Both my pieces are in the juried show.  "Refuge", shown on the left, was purchased by someone I knew from my days in P.A.  I know she will give it a good home.  The other piece is a soda fired drum.

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Gill said...

Nice to read about a juried show in PA and great that your piece will stay there. I see the hands around the edge of the piece as mittens to keep you warm as you drive up the highway to PA. (My husband went to High School there and my father studied at a Theological College there in the early 30s!)