Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

I wanted to enter a kitchen makeover contest but I seemed to be in the wrong time zone.  Leaving things to the last minute!!!  Here's my pitch:

When I purchased my house it didn't have a kitchen! No sink, stove, fridge, counters or cupboards. The kitchen had been taken out by the previous owner when the maple flooring was installed.  It was difficult to figure out how to proceed since what I wanted was over budget.
The kitchen space is 2.8 meters from the windows to the wall (where the stove, fridge, cart and small metal unit are) and 3 meters long.  There are a few design challenges, one being the slope of the stairs to the basement (seen under the table at the far end of the photo).
My goal is to create an efficient, simple, pleasant working space with places to display china inherited from my ancestors and my collection of contemporary pottery made by myself and other ceramic artists.
Comfortable work space is limited to 8.32 square feet of counter height on three different surfaces, which because of lack of storage also have a kettle, dirty dishes (the dishwasher pictured is nonfunctional), etc.  Many items are stored in the basement and in a purchased pantry presently beside the metal stand.
Being able to have pull out shelves to store pots, pans, appliances, etc. will help me prepare food to daily meals along with processing the harvest from my home and community gardens.  
Easy to use storage for recyclables, a pantry, cupboards, a quiet energy efficient dishwasher, and better lighting will help me be organized, productive and enjoy working in my new kitchen.  


Melanie Tyler Kanz said...

Hope you get your new kitchen!

Trish said...

Good Luck, Teresa!!..what contest etc.??

Teresa said...

Thanks Melanie. Trish, it was a contest through a national women's magazine starting with a "C".