Monday, September 19, 2011

We are what we eat off of

These last few months of abundance from the garden were enhanced by the "collection" in my kitchen. This July I visited Mary Fox and purchased one of her peasantware bowls. Yes, food does look and taste better when served in a hand crafted vessel. The colour of the glaze isn't quite right so do take a look at the peasantware link on her portfolio.  I really like how the bare clay feels and I enjoy the sparkling mica on the exterior. Mary said it develops a patina and becomes more lovely over time.

There will be a lot of gatherings coming up where we celebrate with friends, family and food.  Why not make it a tradition to use unique, handmade ceramics? It's like having the artisan join you.

This thought provoking article by Shax Riegler, author of Dish, (I want this book) is well worth reading. There are links to other websites so enjoy the eye candy.

Ellen Mulligan commented: "Handmade ceramics truly can change the temper of a day, and the potter joins us at the table and sets the tone."
Here's a platter I made and soda fired at Medalta.

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