Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guy Wolff's Steve Jobs story

Guy Wolff is a traditional potter who lives in Bantam, Connecticut who makes a lot of flowerpots for historical gardens. He apprenticed at older shops in North Carolina, Wales and Northern England.

Guy posted the following on Facebook: 

"A decade back I had a great article in Horticulture magazine on my garden flowerpots and the day it dropped I got a phone call from Steve asking if his plantsman could come for a visit so we could plan out some pots for his garden . The visit was made and the pots started but with the size of the order and size of the pots the order took the greater part of the season to get going on and with humidity I became bogged down . Clinton was in office and Steve called to ask what my email was so he could keep abreast on his order . Being a potter my answer was "What is Email"? Steve very kindly offered me one of his computers but at the time I had no idea how helpful this would have been for keeping my unorganized shop a little more together and the size of the gift seemed undeserved . Since then I have taught myself how to use his machines for designing pots here in Connecticut and making them all over the world .OH .. and I have just made a folk music CD using nothing but Garageband and planed to send Steve and Lauraine a copy to thank him for all he has done for home made music. Thanks Steve for your kindness to me."

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Great Story, and thanks for sharing it.
-Eric Suchman