Friday, November 4, 2011

Clint Neufeld and his Family Connections

I met Clint Neufeld at Lydia's Loft during a concert a year or so ago. He told me about his work and I was intrigued. Clint's multi-piece cast ceramic sculptures are amazing and have deep personal meaning to him. 

Bart Gazzola wrote "the works presented by Clint Neufeld in “Grandpa used to washed my hands in gasoline” are both beautiful objects, and very meaningful objects, and they speak to notions of art making, beauty, and identity politics on both a national – and very regional – level: and all very much situated from a masculine place."

Chris Buhler, from Floating Gardens, who sells beautiful, tasty heirloom veggies at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market, was my booth neighbour on Wednesday and we got talking pots, food and more. Chris is Clint's brother-in-law and we had a quick peek at Clint's work on my laptop. 

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