Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Spoons are functional and decorative objects that enhance daily life. We use them to sip and stir. Some are heirlooms and evoke memories. Souvenir spoons are collected and given as gifts.

"Emmaline" was named after my paternal grandmother who gave me a metal spoon that she used to make sure her gravy was lump-free. 

This spoon was made by dipping an armature made from kiln elements into paperclay slip, letting it dry and repeating the process over and over. It was then fired in an electric kiln. 

Emmaline is in the Spoon Me exhibition http://www.pinterest.com/medalta/spoon-me-medalta/ . Hope you enjoy checking all the spoons out. I managed to only purchase two at the reception...but there are more on my wish list.

This shrine to Medalta http://medalta.org/ features a souvenir Medicine Hat spoon along with images of kilns there, bricks, pots and more.

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