Monday, January 12, 2015

Thrift Store Find ~ Robin DuPont

Today I just missed out on buying a mug made by Robin DuPontAs I was about the enter the store, Robin's and my friend, Jeff Stewart (pictured) was leaving with this mug in his hand.  I'm glad he was able to add it to his collection, which includes pots made by Luke Lindoe

I first met Robin when I visited Jeff in Banff; Jeff had studio space at The Banff Centre's ceramics area.  Robin stopped by Jeff's apartment with a book he had just purchased on wood fired kilns. He was oohing and awing about the kilns while I was more interested in the pots. Robinhad some very good stories about building kilns and firing with road kill.

One thing I know for sure, Jeff definitely got a bargain. He wanted Robin to know that his mugs are "going for a lot of money". I think the price was so low since there was wax in the mug. Not sure what era this mug is but it's not recent.

Here's a mug of Robin's that resides in my cupboard when I'm not using it. It is perfect for me since I use one finger to hold mugs. Robin is one of the best soda firers around.

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